Before we dive in here is a quick recap:

We are bloated because the stomach's hydrochloric acid (HCL) levels are too low to breakdown proteins, and the liver is too over burdened to produce high quality bile needed to breakdown fats, this combo leads to foods entering the small intestine undigested, and undigested foods will rot and ferment causing gases which leads to bloating.

When I think of food rotting and fermenting I have a cartoon image of bad ass leather wearing bugs feeding off green slim.

Rotting and fermenting is pathogens/viruses/bacteria feeding and therefore breaking down. This is natures way of decomposing and gettin

g rid of what is no longer needed.

A great example that I love to share with my clients is this: if you leave a piece of meat out eventually it will rot and maggots will form. Where did the maggots come from? No one put them there?! Answer: they came from the cells of the meat, and the purpose was to decompose itself.

Now the same thing happens in our gut, but instead of maggots we will call them pathogens, viruses or bacteria. These pathogens are there because:

1-we have undigested foods that need to be decomposed

2-we are feeding them foods they love examples: undigested foods (fats and protein), eggs, dairy, gluten... also toxins, adrenaline & heavy metals which are found in high volume in the liver, and that's why they like to hang out there and causes more problems to the liver.

1. Too much protein & fat

When there is more rotting fat and protein in the intestinal tract, it creates a feeding frenzy for whatever viruses and bacteria are present at the time and they will grow stronger and more difficult. When we take away the food from the pathogens the feeding stops and healing can begin. Whatever diet you're on, even if its vegan, try to lower your protein and fat intake by 50% if you are want to heal. For example, eat nuts, beans or animal protein once a day or every two days instead, and replace them with bioavailable proteins found in fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.

2. Eggs

You may find that eggs are one of the only foods that don't cause intestinal discomfort. The reason is, unlike raw vegetables and leafy greens which are brooming and touching sensitive nerves as they are cleaning, eggs do not clean, giving the illusion of being easy to digest. Vegetables may be uncomfortable in the being, but overtime will clean and heal the intestines, as opposed to eggs which will only feed bad bacteria and cause more bloating and intestinal damage.

3. Dairy

I know what your thinking...WHY GOD! WHY??? I love cheese!!

I know its sucks, but the truth is that dairy is very mucus forming, damages the gut lining and feeds bad bacteria. Avoid milk, cheese, yogurt, and kefir, no matter if it came from a cow, goat, or any other kind of animal.

4. Gluten

The form of gluten to which people are especially sensitive are in wheat, barley, rye and spelt. Try switching to gluten-free oats, amaranth, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, wild rice, brown rice and gluten free pastas made from rice, quinoa or beans. Potatoes, sweet potatoes and squashes are also great alternatives

-strengthen your stomach with pure celery juice

-lower stress: adrenaline impairs HCL, weakens bile, feeds pathogens

-lower caffeine and chocolate, they also cause adrenaline to rise

-lower prescription drugs and antibiotics: this too feeds pathogens, weakens HCL and bile- talk to your doctor first

-lower your toxic load ex: harsh cleaning products, perfumes, scented candles, alcohol

-replace: dairy, gluten, eggs, high fats and proteins

-eat the right foods to clean out your over burden liver so that it can produce better quality bile: next weeks topic

-feed your good bacteria, starve the bad bacteria: next weeks topic


In no way do I want to overwhelm you or ever make you feel guilty, BUT I need to give you the right information so that you have the power to heal and feel your best.

Take it day by day and gradually replace unproductive habits.

I believe in you!

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