Updated: Feb 21, 2019

In the final part of the banish bloating series, we will look at what to eat and drink to support the liver and digestive system... so we can finally have a flat belly!

Read through what to eat and why, and if you're inspired I created a 7 day challenge to banish bloating.


1. Celery Juice: 16 ounces on an empty stomach first thing in the morning or another time during the day when you haven’t eaten for at least 2 hours.

WHY: Celery juice will rebuild the stomach's HCL levels and help calm down an overburdened and over saturated liver, both which are needed for a flat belly:)

2. Your Liver LOVES Fruits:

Right after your daily celery juice, make fruit the first food of your day. Eating fruit on its own is the best way to easily digest it. For breakfast make yourself a smoothie of fruits and water or a large fruit platter.

Yellow fruits are important to eat when dealing with gut issues. Mango, papaya and banana are among the best.

WHY : The unhealthy foods we should avoid take very long to digest, and can remain in our colon and intestines for days, fruits trigger peristaltic action and move the previous pieces of food out.

Rotting old foods feed bad bacteria, fruits push rotting foods, mucus and acids out + fruit increases good gut bacteria.

If you feel like fruit bloats you, start with a small portion and gradually add more.

Remember though, the bad guy isn't the fruit, it's just cleaning the old food out.

3. Hydration: Lemon, Lime, Aloe Water & Cucumber Juice

WHY: Living waters such as theses cleanses your liver, flushes out viruses, bad bacteria and waste matter. Lemon and lime also increases live bile production and hydrochloric acid levels. Aloe water (2 inch piece blended in 16 oz water) not only heals the stomach, but is also anti-inflammatory.

4. Raw Fruits & Vegetables: your liver also LOVES leafy greens like spinach:)

WHY: Raw organic fruits and vegetables are full of beneficial bacteria, one leaf of organic kale from your garden is way more potent than any probiotic pill that you can purchase. Raw fruits and vegetable are full of living enzymes needed for proper digestion.

5. Low Fat & Low Protein

WHY: When we are bloated it is a sign that our liver and stomach are weak, and we need to give them a break, by removing too much fat and protein we give them time too restore and heal. Remember if you can't digest it, you can't absorb it, and rotting food feeds bad bacteria and causes bloating.

6. Herbs for Healing

WHY: Nettle leaf, lemon balm, chaga mushroom powder, cat's claw, fennel, licorice root, mint and ginger are all great herbs to get the liver in shape, kill bad bacteria, viruses and and help with bloating.

So there you go, if you are inspired to start a 7 Day Challenge, never hesitate to message me if you have any questions and remember if you're not ready to take on a full challenge you can always start slowing adding in these principles daily.

One day at a time! I believe in you:)

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