Create your dream life-your guide to a wellness routine

If starting your own personalized wellness routine is something you’ve always been interested in-2021 is the perfect time to grab your pen and paper.

The goal is for you to create an actionable wellness routine that supports you in becoming YOUR ideal version of yourself.

With some helpful and straightforward tips, you’ll be on your way to journaling.


It’s important to gain clarity.

What does your ideal life look like? How do you feel?

My favorite way of doing this is by scripting. Simply put, this is writing out your life story exactly how you want it to be-in the past tense, and as if it has already happened.

Writing it out in the past tense helps your subconscious mind accept it as truth faster than if you wrote it in the present or future tense.

I think it’s a fun and easy way to use your imagination to help you create your reality. At the same time, getting all of that out on paper helps you to really “see” what you want your life to be like!

Some questions

you can ask yourself to get your imagination flowing:

  • When you wake up- How do you feel? What is your mood?

  • What does it feel like to be in your body?

  • Where are you living? Is it somewhere exotic and with beautiful beaches or your hometown?

  • What kind of house do you live in?

  • When you look out your window, what do you see?

  • What are you eating? What are you drinking?

  • How are you spending your days?

  • Are you financially free?

  • Are you healthy and fit?

  • Do you have kids around you? Or is it just you and your sweetie?

  • What are your relationships like?

  • Do you work? If yes what are you doing?

Essentially, you’re going through every area of your life and writing out your most ideal perfect life...DON’T HOLD BACK! There are no limits, you can write anything you want in your script.

While you are scripting “your story” make sure that you are feeling inspired!

Just the act of writing it out should fill you with joy and excitement. If you aren’t feeling this then you aren't tapping into your deepest desires yet-go deeper!

Have fun with this! Make it a game so that you can open your mind and use your imagination to the fullest!

Now that you have a clear picture of your ideal life, you can create your wellness routine.

Go through your script and write down all the things your ideal self would do daily, for example;

If you wake up feeling fit and sexy, what are you doing in your daily life to wake up feeling this way? How are you moving during the day? What are you wearing? What are you eating? Etc. and from there you can create your daily routine.

Are there things in your script that you are waiting to do when you have more money, more time, more anything? How can you embody this script little by little now in your daily routine?

Are there things, people, jobs, habits...that are presently in your life that are not in alignment with who you are anymore and that you can let go of?

Now write out your wellness routine/ daily wellness checklist.

Here is an example of a wellness routine...remember it can look completely different, this is your life, your journey

  • Wake up-have lemon water

  • Meditate for 15 minutes- with fun crystals

  • Read my script as I sip my coffee-this brings me so much joy!

  • Review my goals for the day-remind myself of how I want to feel today

  • Organize finances- will live on the beach!

  • Move my body-either exercise, yoga or walking

  • Eat fruit for breakfast

  • Have a green juice

  • After dinner sip herbal tea

  • Diffuse my favorite essential oils

  • Read a fun book

  • In bed-take a moment to thank the universe for always guiding me.

ACTION STEPS to implement this:

1. READ YOUR SCRIPT DAILY. It will attract your ideal life to you by imprinting it into your subconscious, and it will remind you of why you have chosen to follow your wellness routine.

2. We are all human, there will be days that you will not follow your routine. But from experience there is a reason why you tapped into this routine-it’s what your soul desires and there isn't anything else that you could be doing instead that will bring you more joy-otherwise it would have been on the list.

3. You can also experiment with a shorter list for weekdays, or a longer list for weekends. There is no wrong way to do it.

4. Lastly, if you want to take it one step further read it to someone you trust that supports you.

That’s it!

After you have done it, I’d love to see your scripts and your lists, tag me on social media or reply to this email and watch the magic unfold!

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