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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Picture this:

One of my first “fitness memories” involves 5 year old me, following an aerobics video, in my living room, in the 80s.

It was the combo of choreography and

moving my body (and those leg warmers!) that got me hooked.

Whether I was walking around my house on the tops of my toes(ouch) and showing my mom that I would be a fantastic ballerina, or going to Sears and playing on the treadmills-I loved being active! In my early teens, I would sometimes workout alone in my room. This was not because I wanted to change my body or was unhappy with the way I looked, but because, the steps I followed were fun. I even mastered a “Tony Little” aerobic video! (FYI: he was a famous fitness guru in the 90s.)

Unlike group sports, I didn’t have the pressure of performing. I never actually considered myself to be an athletic type of person. At age 16 I joined my first gym. I remember everyone telling me to not waste my money because I would never go. Luckily I never listened. This new interest became a passion and it was the best decision I ever made! After high school I immediately enrolled in an aerobic and personal training certification and started working in gyms as I went on to college. Fast forward to 2007: I’m 25 years old and I move to Calgary for 6 months. Here, I had the opportunity to work alongside some of the top trainers in Canada and some of the fittest clients I have ever met. It completely changed my views on fitness and how I work with clients. You can lose 10 pounds with almost any trainer but how could I make an impact and change their life? It was a mindset not just a program. By changing the way you feel about yourself you can surpass limiting beliefs about who you are!

I moved back to Montreal more insightful and motivated to help people around me. I was motivated to do more and that’s when I started organizing events. They ranged from monthly free hikes, to hiking in the Grand Canyon twice! I organized numerous running groups where I, myself would train with basic beginners to run full marathons!

My philosophy : When you push yourself passed your limits and you conquer your goals you become hungry for more. It shouldn’t feel like you’re forcing yourself to workout or go to the gym. Together as a team, you and I will be motivated and excited to see what you can do next! My beliefs: Truly being fit is:

  • Ageless

  • Playful

  • Having a strong body and mind

  • Sexy

  • Confident in your physical and mental ability to conquer anything!

For me, it is about waking up feeling energized and self-assured and so proud of who you are. It’s not about questioning your insecurities but asking “what am I really capable in all areas of my life?”

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